Due to the financial crises more investors are looking for comparatively safe havens for their money. Investing in real estate becomes more prominent, especially land banking, which means buying portions of land, prepared for further residential or commercial use. While other international real estate markets after years of inflated prices now are suffering from a severe downturn, the German market continues with stable growth. During the last decade of years, the German real estate price level has been stable, now showing a moderate, but steady incline. Many investors now assume that marketable real estate as a good hedge against inflation.
Developed land, ready to be built on, has become an almost rare commodity in certain area s of Germany , Berlin being regarded as one of those. Several studies show that the Greater Berlin area will further grow, the northern (and western) of the surrounding counties doing far better than the southeast, where the large international airport of Berlin- Schönefeld is under construction. All of the recent projections predict for example, that within the next 15 - 20 years population of the county of Oberhavel will grow in the range of up to 40%. This surely translates into increasing demand for buildable land and support growth in value.

Investing in land in Germany has some additional advantages:

  Real estate taxes are very low, for buildable land extremely so.
  Closing costs also are low:
  One time 3,5% real estate purchase tax
  About 1,5% for closing and recording fees
  After ten years of ownership 0% on capital gains
  No restrictions to use land as collateral.

Why is the Residential Park Grüneberg an ideal opportunity for land banking?

  Very low prices, safe investment
  Infrastructure completed
  Cost of infrastructure included in lot prices
  Berlin is just around the corner
  Rail station in walking distance with hourly connection to Berlin
  Fast access to Berlin by car, just 30 minutes to Tegel airport
  Shops, school, physicians office in walking distance